KDEInstallDirs.cmake in extra-cmake-modules

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Thu Feb 16 16:30:41 UTC 2012


I added today a KDEInstallDirs.cmake to extra-cmake-modules, and increased the 
version number to 0.0.3.

Please have a look at it.
Compared to what is in FindKDE4Internal.cmake
* I removed those directories which are not used, according to David
* all install dirs are relative by default
* 64bit and also Debian multiarch is taken into account
* LIB_SUFFIX doesn't exist anymore, simply set LIB_INSTALL_DIR if the default 
is wrong (it shouldn't be wrong)

It still has the feature to pick up the variables from a package which has 
been installed before to the same prefix (i.e. "kdelibs"), which I think we 
want to keep.

It also still uses the string "kde4", e.g. for the plugin install dir, the OSX 
bundle install dir, and some more.

I think it should not stay that way, because the plugins will not be 
What should it be then, so that it is also safe for future upgrades ?
"kde5", "kf5", ... ?

I think we should keep the "kde" in the string, so the name stays present.
That's why I also named the file "KDEInstallDirs.cmake" and not 

Comments ?


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