[cmake] find_package(KDE4)

Michał Walenciak kicer86 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 18:32:31 UTC 2012

Dnia niedziela 12 lutego 2012 17:39:27 Alexander Neundorf pisze:

> > 
> > IMHO compiler flags should not be affected (expect include dirs or
> > additional libraries/path passed to linker, but only with cooperation with
> > cmake's include_directories and target_link_libraries). Any other
> > behaviour is undesired.
> I understand.
> The behaviour as it is now is this way since KDE 4.0 and so can't be changed
> within KDE 4.x for compatiblity reasons.
> Also, for most KDE developers this is the desired behaviour. I know this
> goes against normal cmake recommendations.
> With the transition from kdelibs to KDE frameworks this will change, and
> searching a library will not add compile flags anymore.
> You have two options until then:
> * add the necessary flags to your shared library so that the required
> symbols are not hidden
> * set the compile/link flags manually as you want to have them, e.g. you
> could get them before find_package(KDE4) and set them afterwards to the
> values they had before.
> Alex

thx for your tips :)


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