frameworks branch now requires CMake 2.8.6 RC 2

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Sep 15 10:20:43 UTC 2011

On Sunday, September 04, 2011 10:17:31 PM Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Stephen Kelly wrote:
> > With these features it is possible to build individual kde frameworks
> > standalone. I can now cmakekde in itemmodels or in tier1 (because the
> > tier1 libraries do not have dependencies on each other).
> > 
> > Please review the ECMQtFramework.cmake file which makes this possible.
> Something else I forgot to mention in my previous mail: By porting to
> extra- cmake-modules, away from the macros that are already in kdelibs
> (kde4_add_library) I dropped some features. We need to consider those
> features and answer the questions:
> * Is it still needed?
> * Should it be in ecm?
> * Should it be in cmake?
> kde4_add_library handles automoc, rpath, export symbols, enable_final, and
> it sets the LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES to empty.
> With cmake 2.8.6, that macros automoc and exports handling are obsolete. I
> added some rpath handling to ecm in ECMQtFramework.
> That leaves enable_final and setting LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES to empty. I'm

Setting LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES to empty is still needed and wanted.
By default, all libraries a target is linked agaonst are in the 
LINK_INTERFACE, which leads to unnecessary dependencies and increased load 
The alternative would be not to set it to empty, and expect our developers to 
take care of it. I think this is not realistic.
So I'm quite sure we still want that

> not sure either are still needed or wanted (this was also brought up at the
> buildsystem BoF in BDS).
> Do we still need enable_final?

Kind-of, but with automoc in cmake this is not possible anymore, because with 
enable-final only one file is handed to add_executable, and automoc does not 
work on files included in the source files.

So, enable-final is one for now with automoc in cmake.
But gcc supports inter-object optimizations since 4.5 or so, so the improved 
optimization is not lost.
If enable-final is really seriously requested, it needs to be added to cmake, 
similar to how automoc has been added.


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