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Tue Aug 23 12:46:04 UTC 2011

Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:

> Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at> writes:
>> --------------------------------------------------------
>> Take care of Strigi, Nepomuk & Soprano buildsystem-wise
>> --------------------------------------------------------
>> Allen wrote last week to kde-buildsystem that there are multiple
>> FindSoprano.cmake files, they differ and they need work.
>> I would add that personally I'm still somewhat confused by Strigi,
>> Nepomuk, Soprano, Raptor, Virtuoso and friends, and since they all belong
>> somehow together, it would be nice if somebody would volunteer to take
>> care of the cmake stuff for them.
>> This means:
>> - take care of the Find-modules
>> - the projects themselves (Strigi, Nepomuk, Soprano) should install
>> Config.cmake files to help with finding them
>> - keep an eye on which of those packages are optional to kdelibs/parts of
>> KDE frameworks and make that work properly
> Should the projects under KDE (Strigi, Nepomuk, Soprano) only install
> Config.cmake files so that we only provide Find* files for the ones over
> which we do not have much contorl (Raptor, Virtuoso etc)?
As far as I understand, the proposed scenario for projects with cmake-based 
buildsystem is:
 * the project itself installs ProjectNameConfig.cmake;
 * ecm (or cmake) distribute a short FindProject.cmake that calls 
find_package(ProjectName ... NO_MODULE ...)

One of the examples is kdepimlibs.
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