Superbuild - location of the GIT clones

Valentin Rusu kde at
Sat Aug 20 22:30:34 UTC 2011


Currently SuperBuild uses a "per main KDE component" directory structure
(kdebase, kdebindings, etc) each with it's own CMakeLists.txt. This file
will direct cmake to create a build directory for each of this
component. Each build directory has a Download sub-directory which
automatically receives a GIT clone of the necessary dependencies and the
main component's sources.

This ends with a set of Build sub-directories holding git clones of KDE
(or non KDE, but necessary dependencies) sources. The layout of these is
not very intuitive IMO so if I want to work on the sources of one of
these components, I'll need to guess (or use find) to get the location
where these sources were downloaded.

On the other hand, if we choose to use a Download directory directly
under the main SuperBuild directory, then it'll become very easy to see
what GIT repos we have and where are the sources we could work on.

Any thoughts? Is it feasible? :-)

Valentin Rusu (IRC valir, KDE vrusu)
KSecretsService (former KSecretService, KWallet replacement)

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