need help building Trunk

Aaron Peterson myusualnickname at
Fri Jul 30 03:50:48 CEST 2010

michael, I am posting that information at:

What distro are you using? and how do you have the prerequisites installed?

I have decided to start writing a wizard to generate kdesrc-buildrc's
dependant on what distro / prerequisites are installed and branch

ask what branch to use..
 test if a few files exist, and their versions,
check environment and ask where the user wants them installed.


2010/7/26 Michael Pyne <mpyne at>:
> On Sunday, July 25, 2010 10:53:20 Aaron Peterson wrote:
>> Looking for appropriate place to get help building KDE so I can play
>> with KDE libs, and initial set up of an appropriate IDE.
>> Attempting to do trunk under kubuntu 10.04, Live in Seattle area. Need
>> better way to share trials and tribulations than on IRC when everybody
>> is busy.
>>  Techbase wiki needs updating,
>> Iintend to make lists of dpkg --get-selections and copies of
>> configuration files so that building KDE is not a barrier to getting
>> involved.
>> Also interested in Project Neon, if there really are ppa's for
>> kde-development environment.
> I'll just add in that Aaron has been trying kdesrc-build already so it's not
> for lack of trying on his own:
> so if anyone wants to throw in a kdesrc-buildrc that they are liking it may
> help. Also, if anyone wants to point out how I can improve the kdesrc-buildrc-
> sample defaults, that would be fine too.
> I'll attach my kdesrc-buildrc, and the kde-env-vars that I source in from my
> .bashrc and my .xsession.
> Regards,
>  - Michael Pyne
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