krita CMake module search order wrong

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Jan 22 21:15:53 CET 2010

Maciej Mrozowski wrote:
> Gluon used to install too many .cmake files (and one incompatible as you
> experienced) and those found in /usr/share/apps/cmake shadow those provided by
> koffice. I think I've already poked gluon devs about it month ago and it's
> fixed upstream since then, still you need to take care of removing it manually
> if you use some bad distro gluon dev package or old gluon git checkout.

...or if - like me - you have ever built such gluon since the last time 
you did 'rm -rf $KDEDIR' :-).

Although I would argue that this:
> those found in /usr/share/apps/cmake shadow those provided by koffice the real problem. (See my reply to Alexander for more details.) We 
don't allow that sort of thing for headers or libraries (for reasons I 
hopefully don't have to explain!); we probably shouldn't for CMake 
modules either for the same reasons.

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