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Sun Sep 6 16:06:26 CEST 2009

In data domenica 06 settembre 2009 15:57:59, Alexander Neundorf ha scritto:
> Sure ? I don't see it.

You are right. We replaced that macro with stubs some time ago and I 
completely forgot about it. Whatever, here comes FindPolkitQt.cmake without 
the macro, but featuring fixes (and license change). If this one's good for 
commit, I will commit files&fixes for kdelibs, then I'll do the same for 
kdebase. Could you please tell me the correct procedure to bump up the kde 
version? we definitely need to, after these changes

> > At the moment nothing else in KDE requires
> > such a thing, and I do not know if anything apart from KAuth will ever
> > need it.
> >
> > > If it stays in FindPolKitQt.cmake, give it the prefix "POLKITQT_".
> >
> > Ok, please tell me if I should keep it there given what I've written
> > before
> >
> > > And since it installs something, an "INSTALL" in the name would be good
> > > ;-)
> >
> > Ok, I just copied the macro name :D
> > dbus_install_activation_system_service?
> Sounds good.
> Alex


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