Michael Jansen kde at michael-jansen.biz
Sun Oct 11 17:14:59 CEST 2009

Forgot the list.

On Sunday 11 October 2009 17:12:57 you wrote:
> > > 2. Module that depend on kdebase/apps. We would have to create a cmake
> > > file for it like KDERuntime.cmake and port everything.
> >
> > On what in kdebase/apps/ do these programs (which ones ?) depend ?
For one nepomuk-kde on some Konqueror Menu iirc. I will provide a more
complete list AFTER we decided if we make the requirement to install all
three kdebase modules into the same prefix (I have to recreate my build
environment to check more modules. i stopped with nepomuk-kde last time
before scratching it).

If we do this is a non issue. If we do we however will never know if the
intended separation of kdebase is done correctly / cleanly. But that's
probably ok and acceptable.

> > > 3. Modules that do find_package(KDE4) but want
> > > find_package(KDE4(Workspace|Apps| Runtime?). find_package(KDE4) is
> > > really find_package(KDE4libs) if we install kdelibs separately from
> > > kdebase.
> >
> > If this is inside trunk/KDE/, we can fix it, otherwise it's basically a
> > bug in the cmake files of that project.
Or a bug about where the code resides in kdebase.

> > > Many of the modules in 1-3 will be out of our control. 3rd Party apps
> > > so we will be unable to fix them.
> >
> > Yes, we can only fix what is in trunk/KDE/, for everything else it's up
> > to the author to do it right.
> >
> > Maybe you should bring this issue up on kde-core-devel ?
I will. But only if we have a decision on what is supported by kde and what
not. If we don't have people will look puzzled and say "I don't think it's
supported, i won't  (fix it| care for|??) and i can't fault them for it.
Currently when i do changes to make something work because of me installing
kdelibs / kdebase into different prefixes i get no or that kind of
reaction: "Non Issue", "Will change nothing" etc. .

First the decision. Then i will start to fix stuff. No decision means for
me we do not support splitting kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase/* in any way
because the status quo is it doesn't work. As i said that's ok for me but
i will stop fixing stuff making it possible then because i can't argue
with people to change their code if a problem is beyond my abilities.

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