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> Hi all,
> a very common error now and then is the following:
> CMake Error at 

A few weeks ago (2 or so) I changed the "namespace" for the exported targets in kdelibs. They are now prefixed with "KDE4__".
So if you install a new kdelibs with a different buildtype these files are still lying around and will be included and lead to that error (because the exported targets are named now KDE4__kdecore instead of kdecore, to avoid potential name clashes in projects using kdelibs).

So this happens only if you have a install tree where still old files (from > 4.1 and < 4.2) from a different build configuration are existing. This is only the case now where people still have some "old" files installed and switch to current installations.

I added a script check_installed_exports_file.cmake to kdelibs/cmake/modules/  yesterday which I'll integrate with the installation tonight and which will do this cleanup automatically.


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