Policy for extragear / playground folders

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Aug 29 20:24:46 CEST 2009

On 29.08.09 14:04:29, Michael Jansen wrote:
> On Saturday 29 August 2009 00:05:16 you wrote:
> > On 28.08.09 22:02:56, Michael Jansen wrote:
> > > Make Error at kdevelop4-extra-plugins/controlflowgraph/CMakeLists.txt:9
> > > (find_package):
> > >   Could not find module FindGraphViz.cmake or a configuration file for
> > >   package GraphViz.
> > 
> > Stop checking out stuff you don't need.
> Why don't i need that stuff? And even if i don't need that stuff perhaps i want 
> it?

Didn't you say you wanted to build icemon and only icemon?

> Is it not supported to checkout and build the kdevelop4 plugins with the 
> devtools directory?

Well, _I_ didn't add the CMakeLists.txt in kdevelop4-extra-plugins.
Somebody apparently wanted to try building devtools "all in one", so he
added that file. However the kdevelop4 plugins need to stay buildable
standalone. If that doesn't work with the "build all of devtools in one
builddirs", then the CMakeLists.txt from kdevelop4-extra-plugins should
be removed I guess.
> > > Btw. i KNOW i could do partially checkouts. but even that requires
> > > knowledge what directories i really need before i checkout. which i cant
> > > know until i tried.
> > 
> > No it doesn't:
> > 
> > svn co -N https://svn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/devtools
> > cd devtools
> > svn ls (pick what you want from the result)
> > svn up icemon cmake.
> Sorry but i can't stop laughing after that.

Hmm, nah I'll just skip that one.

> Just imagine you never ever 
> checkedout icemon. HOW do you no you have to do the stuff you just did? 

Uhm, I'd ask someone who did how to get at it if I really never used
svn. Or I'll try to find a howto on the net. 

Stuff in playground is not meant for "Joe Developer" randomly checking
out things from kde's svn. Its meant as a development playground where
developers can go crazy with code without anyone ever noticing. If
icemon is "good for release" and the author wants to release it, he
should move it to extragear (where I think rules for this whole thing

> The really ironic thing is the comment in for revision 950344 for 
> devtools/kdevelop4-extra-plugins/CMakeLists.tx by someone called apaku.

I didn't add that file because IMHO it doesn't make sense there, however
if someone wants to have a stab at trying to build all of the plugins
together thats fine. Nonetheless the CMakeLists.txt file should only
consist of add_subdirectories as all kdevelop4 plugins lying there are
supposed to be buildable standalone, hence they don't need any FindKDE4
in their parent CMakeLists.txt.

So to conclude and end this discussion (from my side): Don't force any
kind of policy on people developing stuff in playground. If you want to
spend your time making devtools buildable "all in one", its your spare
time, but make sure you don't break any of the kdevelop* stuff (i.e. all
of them need to build when I check them out standalone). I don't really
care about other people's code in devtools/


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