Linking problems on FreeBSD

David Johnson david at
Sun Feb 10 22:45:10 CET 2008

We are still having linking problems over at FreeBSD. Several libraries and 
apps are being linked to KDE3 by mistake. I need to find a way to fix this. 
Please help me if you can.

The problem arises because KDE3 is installed to /usr/local, along with x11 and 
Qt4. KDE4 is being installed to /usr/local/kde4. I have fixed the include 
path order, but I can find no way to fix the library order so 
that /usr/local/kde4/lib will always come before /usr/local/lib. How cmake 
generates the library link order is a mystery to me.

An example is It's CMakeLists.txt has:

target_link_libraries(kcm_filetypes  ${KDE4_KDE3SUPPORT_LIBS} )

In FindKDE4Internal.cmake, KDE4_KDE3SUPPORT_LIBS is set to:


And in the autogenerated KDELibsDependencies.cmake, kde3support_LIB_DEPENDS is 
set to:


With the above entries, the resulting has dependencies on 
KDE3 libraries. If it were just this one file, then I could write a single 
patch to fix it. But this is happening with lots of files, both libraries and 

What do I do to ensure that the KDE4 libraries (-L/usr/local/kde4/libs) comes 
before the KDE3 libraries (-L/usr/local/lib)? Please provide me an answer if 
you are able. I am rapidly losing my patience with cmake.
Thank you,

David Johnson

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