changes to how kdepimlibs and kdebase/workspace are installed and found

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Dec 10 21:06:44 CET 2008

On Wednesday 10 December 2008, Modestas Vainius wrote:
> Hello,
> trečiadienis 10 Gruodis 2008, Alexander Neundorf rašė:
> > FindKDE4Internal.cmake (this one we can change) can then load the
> > target-export file. Which is right now in the same directory as itself.
> > If it's in lib, it has to find it.
> 1) I would prefer this one. Load target exports from Config.cmake itself.
> If you implemented pimlibs and workspace the same way, you would not need
> any FindKdepimlibs and FindKDE4Workspace anymore.
> In KDELibsConfig.cmake:
> get_filename_component(_config_dir ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_FILE} PATH)
> include("${_config_dir}/KDELibsLibraryTargets.cmake")

This doesn't change anything. 
It doesn't matter whether we have to find the Config.cmake file or the 
target-exports file from the FindKDE4Internal.cmake
In both cases FindKDE4Internal.cmake has been found based on the output from 
kde4-config, so they belong together. 
Once we start searching again in FindKDE4Internal.cmake, we have to make sure 
to also find the right next file.
This has to in some way involve kde4-config again I think.


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