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Aleix aleixpol at
Wed Sep 19 17:47:02 CEST 2007

Hi list!
Can anybody tell me why do we need a RelWithDebugInfo, and Debug and Debugfull?

I can understand that we need 2 of them, one to be able to run the
program with some debug information but being fast and the other to
debug the program (which means being able to add breakpoints, and jump
by steps and so).

Maybe debugfull should be used for more unusual cases such as using
gcov or with flags like -ggdb3 that are much more drastic, otherwise
it is useless to have debug IMHO.


PS: Now I see that I am basically saying the same as Andreas's :P,
well here it is my opinion.

On 9/19/07, Andreas Pakulat <apaku at> wrote:
> Hi,
> in kdelibs the CXX and CFLAGS for Debug builds are set to include -g -O2
> which breaks debug builds. This way debug builds are usable _only_ for
> getting backtraces, but not for actual debugging because this lets gcc
> optimize away some local variables and also makes stepping through code
> nearly impossible (each step may jump forth and back through the current
> function).
> The only workaround is using debugfull buildtype, which doesn't exist on
> win32, so I suspect its impossible to do debugging with MinGW.
> I suggest to change this to -g -O0 and leave -g -O2 to RelWithDebugInfo,
> which currently is nearly the same as Debug.
> Andreas
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