required CMake version is still 2.4.3

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Mar 8 23:38:15 CET 2007


On Thursday 08 March 2007 23:09, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> >If it is possible to work on KDE with the software as it comes with your
> >distro the entry barrier to development is much lower.
> This "entry barrier" only exists as such because the distros *are*
> shipping cmake. If they weren't, nobody would be complaining that you
> need a newer version.

...and it would be even easier if it just works with the shipped version. 
People do complain if some software has too many requirements. It's easy to 
mess up your installation when installing your self compiled packages. CMake 
is probably one of the less problematic packages.

> This is the second time in as many months that you have had to intervene
> because someone unknowingly used a CMake >= 2.4.4 feature. If we are
> going to stay with 2.4.3, we should start then requiring that people use
> *exactly* 2.4.3, so as to avoid this kind of mistakes.

It would be nice if we would have some more people doing nightly builds:
Right now we have only one box, and this runs Linux.
Having more would help us with portability among supported OSs and also among 
different version of CMake :-)
The CMake guys try really hard to keep compatibility, so if we would have to 
require one exact version of CMake either we would be doing something wrong 
or the CMake devs would have done something wrong. Currently none of both is 
the case.

> >And, maybe most important, if we require a newer version of CMake, this
> > needs to be brought up on k-c-d or k-b-s ;-) and then announced with at
> > least one week warning period.
> >And the required version in FindKDE4Internal.cmake HAS to be adjusted
> >accordingly.
> So what's stopping us from making that announcement now?

I'll wait till tomorrow evening whether there are serious objections (when 
requiring 2.4.3 there were serious complaints). If there are none, I'll 
announce that we'll require 2.4.5 starting in one week on Monday, March 19th.

So, if you somebody has objections, speak up now.

> If you want an announcement for Qt 4.3: the qt-x11-4 snapshot switched
> yesterday to Qt 4.3.0, which means the beta release will happen within

A short note on kde-core-devel whenever updating qt-copy is required would 
indeed be nice :-)

> the next few weeks. Does this count as the announcement that we will
> require Qt 4.3.0 beta 1 when it is out?

Not really :-P
And yes, having to recompile qt-copy does slow development down. Requiring 
more prerequisites to be recompiled more often slows it down more.

I don't want to break the build behind peoples backs and just silently force 
everybody to update.

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