Proposed changes to FindQt4.cmake

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at
Mon Mar 5 21:00:57 CET 2007

Caleb Tennis wrote:
> Please see the attached patch for FindQt4.cmake.
> The problem is with Qt4 installed as a framework on OSX.  Since  
> apparently FIND_LIBRARY doesn't work, the framework information and  
> paths are just hardcoded.  This is a problem if those libraries don't  
> exist.  As is, things like QT_QTXXX_FOUND aren't valid for this type  
> of installation and so using them to make determinations doesn't work.
FIND_LIBRARY should work with frameworks just fine.   The FindQt4.cmake 
in CMake does not have as much special framework stuff as the one in 
KDE.  But FIND_LIBRARY() does find frameworks on the mac.   However, 
when FindQt4.cmake was written, it did not.


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