win32 build system issue

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Fri Jul 6 12:31:09 CEST 2007


I have installed kdelibs into d:\Programme\kdelibs and I'm going to
install kdebase into d:\Programme\kdebase. The separate dirs are used
for packaging.

At least on win32 i have a problems with the dbus interface directory

kdelibs installs dbus interface files into a directory named
<CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX>/share/dbus-1/interfaces (see FindKDE4Internals.cmake)

In kdebase/runtime/uiserver/CMakeLists.txt there is the
DBUS_INTERFACES_DIR variable used to find xml files installed by kdelibs.

When i configure kdebase to use the installed kdelibs in
d:\Programme\kdelibs, i added the PATH of kde4-config to the
applications search path and cmake does the rest.

Unfortunally then DBUS_INTERFACES_DIR is set to a directory based on the
kdebase install dir, which let cmake fails to find the interface files
for uiserver. See the related definition below.

${DBUS_INTERFACES_DIR}/org.kde.UiServerCallbacks.xml callbacksiface )
${DBUS_INTERFACES_DIR}/org.kde.UiServer.xml uiserver.h UIServer
uiserveradaptor )

Wen i set the DBUS_INTERFACE_DIR in kdebase CMakeCache.txt to the
location, where kdelibs has it's interfaces, the interfaces are found,
but now the installation of dbus interfaces located in kdebase goes into
the kdelibs install directory which is not expected.

-- Installing d:/Programme/kdebase/share/kde4/services/media.protocol
-- Installing

As far as I can see a solution may be to split the install dbus
interface dir from the referenced dbus interface directories. Any hints
how to solve this problem ?


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