Merging of kdelibs_export.h and kdelibs_export_win.h

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Tue Jan 23 19:52:39 CET 2007

David Faure schrieb:
> On Tuesday 23 January 2007 19:16, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>> Alexander Neundorf schrieb:
>>> On Tuesday 23 January 2007 18:36, David Faure wrote:
>>>> On Monday 22 January 2007 15:46, David Faure wrote:
>>>>>> That makes a LOT of extra files to install in kdelibs. I am not sure we
>>>>>> gain a big advantage by doing that.
>>>>> I think modularity is always a huge advantage.
>>>> yesterday this change was made to kdelibs_export.h:
>>>> today I tried to compile one thing in kdebase, and *every single file in
>>>> kdebase* had to be recompiled, even though *nothing* in kdebase uses
>>>> kspell2/sonnet.
>>> ...
>>>> "/d/kde/inst/kde4/include/kdelibs_export.h" is newer than depender
>>>> "libkonq/CMakeFiles/konq.dir/konq_faviconmgr.o".
>>>> I stand by what I said: we need to split it up ;)
>>> You have my full support.
>> Can't this somehow autocreated by cmake for every subdir of kdelibs?
>> Can't you collect them all in kde4_add_library()?
> I autocreate foo_export.h files with my kdesdk script, but I don't think we can go
> to the next step of full automation; every subdir doesn't define its own lib.
That's clear - therefore I wanted to 'save' them inside
kde4_add_library() and create the header with another cmake macro. Don't
know if this is possible...
> Plus in some cases we might want an extra export macro that is only set when unit
> tests are enabled (we do that in koffice, maybe one day we need that in kdelibs too).
Then the new cmake command should look for kde_foo_export.h.cmake and
add the definitions instead creating an own header.

Just an idea :)


btw: just found out that we need some more sonnet_export macros... :(

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