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Maarten Th. Mulders maarten.mulders at
Wed Mar 29 08:29:11 CEST 2006

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KDELibs\win builds fine for me, too. No problem, the files are installed
in C:\Program Files\kdewin32. So far, so good.
CMake finds the KDELibs, according to this message:

- -- Found KDEWIN32: C:/Program Files/kdewin32/lib/kdewin32.lib

AWoot, I suddenly had a bright moment. The include paths for this
project contained both the standard-msvc headers and the
kde-msvc-headers... in that order. Moving the kde-msvc-headers up solves
the problem.

Thanks, anyway,


Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> Maarten Th. Mulders schrieb:
>> Hi all,
>> after cmake ran without any problems (thanks, Alex), I try to build the
>> project using Visual C++ Express 2005.
>> The first error is solved quite easily, MSVC doesn't recognize
>> KDEWIN32_EXPORT but with the little patch attached, that problem is solved.
>> Unfortunately, dozens of errors last and I don't know how to fix them.
>> Maybe my build-configuration is wrong, maybe only one #include-statement
>> is forgotten?
> kdelibs/win builds fine. Did you forget to build and install kdelibs/win
> *before* configuring kdelibs (use Release or RelWithDebInfo!). Or did
> you forgot to set KDEWIN32_INCLUDE_DIR/KDEWIN32_LIB_DIR within CMakeSetup?
> dcop also compiles fine here - but I don't know if khtml/kjs will (I
> currently stopped win32 builds until kdelibs4 doesn't change that much).
> Christian

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