invitation: try compiling kdelibs using cmake

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Sat Jan 28 17:59:30 CET 2006

At 07:02 AM 1/28/2006, Winfried wrote:
>I also checked out kdelibs trunk and tried to build it with cmake. After " 
>cmake ." finished ok, make gave the error below. 
>I have a separate user account for kde4 building: kde4.
>Even though I did export QTDIR=/home/kde4/qt4
>and I removed /usr/lib/qt3/bin from the PATH environment variable, still the 
>build system tries to use the qt3 moc executable.
>When I edit CMakeCache.txt manually and change the following two variables
>compilation starts ok (it is still compiling now).
>So what am I doing wrong?

QT4 no longer uses QTDIR.  It requires that qmake be in your path, and qmake is
used for finding all the qt directories. 


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