invitation: try compiling kdelibs using cmake

Tanner Lovelace clubjuggler at
Fri Jan 27 23:57:54 CET 2006

On 1/27/06, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at> wrote:

> Cool :-)
> But I don't have a FindCarbon.cmake here.
> Where should it come from ? Did you forget to add it to svn ?

Since carbon is a fundamental OS X system library (think along the
lines of libc) it should only ever be in one place.

> Why did you have to add QT_QTGUI_LIBRARY to some stuff in dcop/ ? I didn't get
> any undefined references here on my system.

That came from me.  The compile failed on me for those targets unless
I added QtGui.  Is it possible that your system is automatically bringing
in QtGui (as a shared library?) for them?  Here's one of the error
messages I got:

ld: CMakeFiles/dcop.dir/dcop.o illegal reference to symbol:
operator>>(QDataStream&, QImage&) defined in indirectly referenced
dynamic library
ld: warning suggest use of -bind_at_load, as lazy binding may result
in errors or different symbols being used

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