invitation: try compiling kdelibs using cmake

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Fri Jan 27 20:50:49 CET 2006

On 1/27/06, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at> wrote:
> With link_directories() you can add directories which will be used when
> linking, i.e. link_directories(/usr/fink/) would add a "-L/usr/fink" to the
> command line.
> This doesn't help for the cmake scripts (modules) which try to find packages.
> There you have two chances:
> 1) Add your directory in the FindFoo.cmake file to the find_package()
> commands. Since it won't exist on other platforms this isn't a problem for
> these other platforms.
> 2) Recently there was a discussion on the cmake list about making standard
> search paths configurable via variables. I don't know if this has already
> been implemented. Bill ?

Yeah, I'm looking for cmake equivalents to --with-extra-includes and
--with-extra-libs in old-style KDE builds.  On my Mac OS X
environment, all of my external dependencies come from fink, which are
in /sw/include and /sw/lib.

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