cleaning the generic module :)

Frederic-Emmanuel PICCA piccaf at
Fri Jan 6 16:03:23 CET 2006

>With your version of glibc on linux; who knows about the other versions, 
>and the other operating systems...

Yes with my version of glibc. But as features.h says thoses constant are 
defined by the user or the compiler.
So for generic I propose to remove all those FLAGS and let the user 
defining by himself which constant he wants.

>Personally I'd just stick to defining whatever the current build system defines,
>to avoid having to understand all that stuff :)
As thoses Constant are platform specific, I am wondering if scons is 
dealing with it for us.
I will investigate. If not meabe it would be interesting to create a 
platform module for this purpose.

See you.

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