win32 port

Frédéric-Emmanuel PICCA piccaf at
Fri Jan 6 09:09:12 CET 2006

>For KDE, we are requiring either gcc or msvc >= 7 on windows, so no, I don't 
>think we're interested. 
Yes I know the template limitations of msvc 6, but some peoples like me 
have to work with msvc6.
I propose to add the support of msvc6 for free ;) and only for the 
generic object.

>As a sidenote, If you're building a non-qt project, you probably don't even 
>want to use bksys, but just normal scons instead. bksys's configure detection 
>mechanisms only use and build on what scons already provides, so I don't 
>understand how you gain anything by using bksys.
Ok as you said, bksys use the scons mecanism. but scons is not autoconf. 
I need autoconf capabilities. Instead of reinventing the weel, I just 
whant to work with you (providing patch) to improve the robustess of 
bksys. By working on it I saw some weakness (as in all software) in some 
parts of bksys scripts.
Bksys is a new building system and it need to be improve. So I can work 
on my own, but it wil be more efficient if more peolple were involve in 
the project.

For exemple in the compiler you check for the version of the compilator, 
this check is on a TODO list for gcc. You can use the CCVERSION or the 
CXXVERSION of scons CVS to find the version of the compilator since I 
propose a patch to the scons developpers (patch 1395218). For now I do 
not know about the CCVERSION for the cl.exe compilator. But if it was 
not implemented in SCons it would be interesting to add it, to simplify 
the job in bksys (I will do the job for this because now I am working a 
the port of one of my project on win32).

All this to say that more peoples involve in bksys development is more 
bug hunters, and finally open source is all about this.

So I would be glade to help bksys improve the generic part  by 
integrating checks for cl.exe. For me it is just about creating a 
simpler autotools replacement, for all not only for KDE. that's why the 
msvc6. I have no access to an msvc7 (this version is not supported by my 

I am working for a french compagny and I need to spend parts of my time 
working on a multiplatform (linux an win32 for now) project.

Have a nice day.

PS: Please do not get this for a flame agains you. It is just that I am 
anthousiast about your project.

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