Problems with uic / cmake (missing -L kde_widgetdir)

Michael Biebl mbiebl at
Thu Aug 31 01:30:11 CEST 2006

2006/8/31, Andreas Pakulat <apaku at>:
> On 31.08.06 00:09:48, Michael Biebl wrote:
> > Recently the build system of kdesvn [1], a KDE3 application, was
> > switched from auto* to cmake.
> Well, the autotools stuff is still there ;)

Yes, but it will be removed for 0.9.3.

> > Unfortunately the build fails for me (running a Debian unstable box
> > with latest KDE and qt3).
> Hmm, it works here, I'm building 0.9.2 inside a KDE session. From what I
> see in the make output only /usr/include/kde is in the include path.
> Could you check what your gcc-line is by using make VERBOSE=1?

Interestingly it also works for me when run from my normal user
account, but not when run from within a (pbuilder) chroot. I "just for
fun" installed a fresh Etch system and inside that fresh installation
the compilation also fails. I looked for various config files in
/etc/qt3, which might be different, but couldn't find the culprit.
I know that you also run Debian, could you please verify if it also
fails for you inside a clean pbuilder chroot.

That uic behaves differently is very weird. I couldn't find out yet,
if it is maybe an old config file that makes the differences. I
already compared the files in /etc/qt3 to no avail.

> > On Debian this means that autotools calls uic with the parameter
> > "-L /usr/lib/kde3/plugins/designer".
> The uic line for logmessage.cpp looks like this here:
> cd /home/andreas/compiling/kdesvn-0.9.2/build/src/ksvnwidgets && /usr/bin/cmake -DKDE_UIC_EXECUTABL
> E:FILEPATH=/usr/share/qt3/bin/uic -DKDE_UIC_FILE:FILEPATH=/home/andreas/compiling/kdesvn-0.9.2/src/
> ksvnwidgets/logmessage.ui -DKDE_UIC_CPP_FILE:FILEPATH=/home/andreas/compiling/kdesvn-0.9.2/build/sr
> c/ksvnwidgets/logmessage.cpp -DKDE_UIC_H_FILE:FILEPATH=/home/andreas/compiling/kdesvn-0.9.2/build/s
> rc/ksvnwidgets/logmessage.h -P /usr/share/CMake/Modules/kde3uic.cmake

Looks exactly the same on my machine.


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