Recommended way to detect setXMLFile-failure?

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Thu Oct 13 17:24:25 CEST 2005

On Thursday 13 October 2005 17:21, Sascha Cunz wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag 13 Oktober 2005 13:34 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > Hi!
> >
> > Probably, anybody developing a KDE-application has had users asking, why
> > the menus and toolbars are missing, at some point or another. Most of the
> > time, this is due to users not having done a make install, or installed
> > to the wrong place (or of course, you have forgotten to include an
> > .rc-file in the release). What's worse than having to answer the same
> > question time and again, is that for every user asking for support, there
> > are probably at least five who you give up silently, and never try your
> > application again. So, it would seem reasonable to check for this sort of
> > thing, and showing the user a helpful message, if an .rc-file could not
> > be found.
> > Unfortunately, KXMLGUIClient::setXMLFile () does not return any
> > indication on wether the file could be loaded (well, it prints a message
> > to the console, but who besides a developer is looking at console
> > output?). So, is there a recommended way of finding out, whether the file
> > could be loaded? Could a future version of setXMLFile () return an
> > indication of
> > success/failure?
> almost back 4 years in time, when i got involved into kde, the first thing
> i did was to research, why some menu entries in KDevelop did not show up.
> After digging around for quite a while, if found a XML file that did not
> validate.

And unsermake had/has a module that checks the validity on make install, since 
2 years ;-)

> At those days, i suggested, to validate the file during "make install". I
> don't know if anybody did add that to the admin/-scripts since then.
> However. I'll CC the kde-buildsystem ML, to check / query if this is or
> will be done in the new buildsystem.
> Well, i assume, if you want to know if the file is there, you'll have to
> search it yourself, read it ( to see if it's correct ), then call
> KXMLGUIClient::setXML().
> But i'm all for changing this in KDE4 !!!

It should be easy to have this with bksys as well.


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