[PATCH] to detect additional libs on windows

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Fri Dec 16 20:46:10 CET 2005


I've attached a patch to detect additional libs like png, jpeg and
openssl on windows in an easy way. Because we don't have pkgconfig here,
we can only take a look if the needed headers/libs are in a hardcoded
path or extraincludes/extralibs.

The patch adds two new functions to generic.py
find_file_subdirs: Search for a file in a list of directories including
subdirectories. This is usefull if you have an include directory with
subdirectories for each module.
check_for_module: Here all work is done. You have to provide the module
name, the headers, libraries and the paths where to search for them.
When all is found, five environment varables are set which are evaluated
The patch for libpng.py shows how to call check_for_module()

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