[Kde-bindings] C# Qt bindings

Вова нет vova7890 at mail.ru
Tue May 29 19:03:05 UTC 2012

Hello, I`m try to using Qt# binding, see what it is, and when I write simple application give some problems:

1. All Qt functions that use type "long long" cannot use in C#, because it can`t conver long long on C# type. I`m googling and found a similar problem with Ruby. Then I edit source "handlers.cpp" and add this code:

    { "int*", marshall_intR },
    { "int&", marshall_intR },
    { "long long", marshall_longlong }, // this conversion
    { "long*", marshall_longR },

static void marshall_longlong(Marshall *m) {
	switch(m->action()) {
	case Marshall::FromObject:
		m->item().s_long = (m->var().s_long);

	case Marshall::ToObject:
		long long ip = (long long)m->item().s_voidp;
		m->var().s_long = ip;


and It's going to work.

2. When resizing the window the memory usage strongly upping, from 15Mb to ~50Mb. I trying to use on resize event gc.collect, for garbage collecting, but it not help. What can be wrong?

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