[Kde-bindings] KjsEmbed - what is now and what will be?

Krenar Qehaja kedadi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 02:24:14 UTC 2010

On Sunday 28 February 2010 02:19:54 Andreas Marschke wrote:
> So why not say 
> there aswell : "If you want to have scripting for language foo or bar go
> ahead  and download this file"?

I believe that PolicyKit and PackageKit could ease the job here and provide a 
one click installation of the bindings during script installation. 

Here is a possible scenario:
1. The user wants to install a new fancy ruby script.
2. Bangarang utilizes PackageKit and checks if the system has krossruby.
3. If it does not have it, then the user gets prompted with a dialog which 
says something like: "You do not have Ruby support right now in your system 
but it can easily be installed if you click the 'Install' button below.".
4. If the user clicks the 'Install' button, PolicyKit will authenticate the 
user and then PackageKit will install krossruby.
5. If everything has gone right so far, the script gets installed along with 
it's dependencies and is ready for use.

I believe that it can be implemented in real life and make the process of 
installing script dependencies, painless (if not completely transparent).

Using this approach, Bangarang would not depend on any Kross module (and a ton 
of other packages that a Kross module depends on) at all and only be a kdelibs 
user as it is right now.

Krenar Qehaja

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