[Kde-bindings] KjsEmbed - what is now and what will be?

Andreas Marschke xxtjaxx at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 28 01:19:54 UTC 2010

> But users have to figure out dependencies for scripts. Professionals
> handle the dependencies for Amarok.
Thats quite right, but in case of Linux Distributions the Packagers who are 
packeging amarok (who are packagers aswell) seperate this for the user. 
Windows ports of Amarok can include these (possibly free as in freedom) pieces 
of libraries that one might need. And in case one can also see on the wiki 
what is additionally downloadable and usable for plugins in Amarok for an 
example. Recently, I had been involved in showing a friend how Amarok and 
QtScripting is and so he can try it out on  his windows-machine we went for 
the Amarok Download site and lo and behold you had a little information to 
download KDE for win before downloading and installing Amarok. So why not say 
there aswell : "If you want to have scripting for language foo or bar go ahead 
and download this file"? 

> No, its a smoke binding for QtScript. The Smoke library is how we
> reveal KDE and Qt APIs to Ruby and C# etc and now JavaScript. 
> KJS predates QtScript so it wasn't a duplicated effort at the time.
As far as I understood it from a friends explanation Smoke would be for real 
plugins, Kross is for Scripting. But I myself mad a small plugin 
infrastructure implemented in the application. The only thing it will need 
right now are finishing touches such as a UI the background IO work was fine 
and worked. 
No Smoke, only kross and simple file operations made this possible. 
> Plasma is using QtScript as well, so yea I don't think KJS has much of a
>  future.
Thanks so there is no real reason to try and fix it. 

The problem I have at the moment is that QtScript in Kross has only some 
features of QtGui and KDE_UI pieces. What I would like to see is that a 
scripting fan could use features of QtCore and other modules of Qt or KDE such 
as akonadi and nepomuk. 
Is there a way to influence kross there to add these modules or will I have to 
add bogus objects that will be added in case somebody some time in the future 
wants to use it. 

You can clone my repository :
git clone git://gitorious.org/~xxtjaxx/bangarang/xxtjaxxs-bangarang.git  -b \ 
Most of what is about kross in this project is in this branch. 
I'm also fine if you want to give me pointers where I made failures as well I 
will happily correct them and move on. 

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