[Kde-bindings] QtRuby4 gem successfully built for Windows

Melton, Ryan rmelton at ball.com
Thu Feb 4 19:18:15 UTC 2010

Patch file has been sent.

If ok with you and Jan, I would be more than willing to take over maintenance of the windows qtruby gem.  I've made some really nice improvements to the way the gem was packaged earlier and would like to see more frequent releases (the last windows gem was released Jun 2008).

1. Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9 are both supported in the same gem
2. By modifying the path environment variable when Qt is required, I avoided copying all the qt/qtruby .dll files into the Ruby/bin folder.  This also allows multiple versions of the gem to be installed side by side and have both work correctly.


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On Thursday 04 February 2010 06:00:45 pm Melton, Ryan wrote:
> I finally succeeded in creating an updated qtruby4 gem for Windows bundled
>  with QT 4.6.1.
> Two Questions:
> 1. What is the best way for me to get the gem file to you and to send you
>  the changes to the numerous files?
> 2. Can you explain the 2.0.5 version number? For the windows binary gem, I
>  versioned it as where 4.6.1 is the bundled Qt version, 0
>  being the release number, and 1084277 being the subversion revision of
>  kdebindings I used to build the code.
> Also, below are my notes on getting the code to build.
Thanks for doing all this work! I think I should raise the version number of 
the QtRuby release to 2.10 for the KDE SC 4.4 release.  Maybe I should do 
another release of QtRuby on RubyForge.

Jan Pilz has done Windows ruby gems for QtRuby in the past and it might be 
best to coordinate with him to get a gem that you can put on the Korundum 
RubyForge site. If you can do a patch as Ian suggests, perhaps we should get 
the version of QtRuby in the KDE 4.4 branch patched for Windows compatibility 
before we do a standard release.

-- Richard
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