[Kde-bindings] Help start with MonoDevelop and Qyoto GUI

linuxoidoz at yahoo.com.au linuxoidoz at yahoo.com.au
Thu Feb 4 11:43:01 UTC 2010

I found some tutorials on the net on how to write basic apps in C# with Qyoto
and successfully built them in MonoDevelop - no problem. I am wondering if
you could please tell me how to

1. either convert .ui GUI files made in Qt Creator to C# for re-use in
2. or design GUI in MonoDevelop but use Qt (Qyoto) calls to GUI widgets

Is there any way to use a graphical GUI designer to make GUIs in C# with
Qyoto (it took me 50 times to build & run a Hello World with a button
project just to move a single button to the place I wanted on the window,
imagine what I have to do with a more complex interface)? 

I've installed Qyotodevelop but I can't find it anywhere. What does it do? Where can I find it?

I have openSUSE 11.2, KDE 4.4 Beta and latest Mono, Qyoto & Qt-4.6 packages
installed from the openSUSE repos.

Thank you.

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