[Kde-bindings] Qt::CheckBox#checked missing from recent qtruby?

Stefano Crocco stefano.crocco at alice.it
Mon Feb 1 16:16:56 UTC 2010

On Monday 01 February 2010, Richard Dale wrote:
> |'checked' would have never been in the Smoke library as it is a Q_PROPERTY
> |of  QAbstractButton. The other methods will call the isChecked() C++
> |method.
> |
> |If a method isn't in the Smoke lib, and the target class is a subclass of 
> |QObject, then the QtRuby runtime will look for a slot or a property that
> |it  can call using the QMetaObject for the class.

I wasn't aware of that functionality, so my using checked instead of checked? 
was most likely caused by a mistake. And since it worked, I never noticed the 
magic behind it.


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