[Kde-bindings] KDE/kdebindings/smoke/qt

Richard Dale richard.j.dale at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 16:18:10 UTC 2007

On Sunday 04 March 2007, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> SVN commit 639361 by ctennis:
> Okay, this is a pretty intrusive commit.
> Basically, I've reworked the system a bit to try and use the cmake
> variables a little more properly.
> First, I've moved the qtdbus headers into header_list and removed the
> corresponding stuff from the .pl files.  We can determine if the QtDbus
> stuff is installed via cmake now.
> Second, I've commented out the call to grab_qglobal_symbols in
> qtguess.pl.cmake. I can't see what it's actually helping to do anymore
> since we can use the compilation test to determine where there are QT_NO or
> QT_ defines.  Moreso, the latest versions of Qt define license information
> in QT_EDITION variables in qglobal.h, and this subroutine cannot read them
> properly and parse them.  This causes build failures due to errors about
> "QtLicenseForModule".  Not calling this method anymore fixes these errors
> and doesn't seem to change the overall way things are built as best as I
> can tell.
> Third, all of the headers in header_list have had the prefix directory
> stripped and I've reverted to the simple .h name.  This is because we can
> grab each of the individual package directories from cmake, and for
> frameworked directories this makes things nicer.
> Fourth, I've recommented out a lot of the excludes in generate.pl.cmake.
> I've actually been successful in getting smoke to build with some of these
> headers, so I thought perhaps starting over from scratch would be good
> here.  We can re-uncomment them out as needed.
> Last, I've reworked some of the build system items in CMakeLists.txt.  This
> is again to be somewhat smart of how cmake is able to figure out things for
> us.
> I've tested this on OSX (Framework Qt 4.2.2) and Linux (normal Qt-4.2.2)
> and it builds, compiles, and links on both.  That's not to say I didn't
> make a mistake, or overlook something eggregious.  Please let me know if I
> did, hopefully in a nice way.
> CCMAIL: kde-bindings at kde.org
>  M  +29 -30    CMakeLists.txt
>  M  +32 -52    generate.pl.cmake
>  M  +312 -299  header_list
>  D             qtdbus_header_list
>  M  +1 -1      qtguess.pl.cmake
Yes, that all looks good - it will be nice to get the framework version of Qt
working on Mac OS X. I think cmake tests should make qtguess.pl obsolete. The
only problem I have is that the QtDBus lib isn't being added to the Qt libs
and I get a link failure. QtDBus doesn't end up in
smoke/qt/CMakeFiles/smokeqt.dir/link.txt and I can't really see why.

-- Richard

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