[Kde-bindings] cleaning up smoke

Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Sat Mar 3 13:17:15 UTC 2007

> So I'm not very keen on the Smoke lib changing before then. Would  
> it be
> possible to do the changes in a branch, or in a patch so we can put  
> it off
> until after the qtruby release?

Yeah, I'll definitely branch it first.  Mind you, I just started  
playing again with smoke and qtruby on the mac with cmake and am  
finding lots of build problems, so I'll probably focus on that first.

I found your blog regarding some of the problems you had.  Another  
big one I'm finding is that if you have Qt4 installed as a OS X  
framework, a lot of things (qtguess.pl, generate.pl, amongst others)  
aren't finding things in the right places.  I'm going to try and  
spend some time to fix that up as well before I put any effort into  
smoke changes.

As well, any smoke change I make I will also update the corresponding  
bindings (qtruby and kimono).


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