[Kde-bindings] Creating Qyoto sources

Richard Dale rdale at foton.es
Fri Jan 19 21:49:02 UTC 2007

On Friday 19 January 2007 20:03, Arno Rehn wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to let kalyptus create the Qyoto source, and it was somehow
> successfull, but if I compare the sizes of the resulting sources with the
> ones in SVN, I get different values. I used the headerlist provieded with
> qt4-qtruby, but there are some files missing, though they are in the
> headerlist.
> Do you use an other headerlist, Richard? Do you have a script for splitting
> the resulting files? I've written one by myself, but I get two Qt.cs files,
> one for QtGui and one for QtCore.
> Would be great if you could post them somewhere.
I use the one in the kde svn trunk, KDE/kdebindings/smoke/qt/header_list. I 
don't get two Qt.cs files though, everything should be combined into one. To 
generate I just edit '-fsmoke' in smoke/qt/generate.pl and change 
to '-fkimono'.

I recently fixed a bug in parsing Q_PROPERTIES in kalyptus in the trunk, which 
meant most of the methods in QToolBar.cs were being dropped. I think 
Qt::ToolBarAreas still needs to be defined as an int as there doesn't seem to 
be a definition of the enum values anywhere (or I haven't found them at 

One thing I was thinking of doing was to use partial classes, and rather have 
boiler plate code inside kalyptus, have it in the qyoto project as partial 
classes. For instance, split QApplication.cs and have QApplicationExtras.cs 
too, where extras would have the custom versions of the QApplication 
constructors. I'm not sure about the name: QApplicationExtras.cs, 
QApplicationPartial.cs, QApplicationCustom.cs or other?

I've added methods to QVariant.cs and QDBusConnectionInterface.cs, but haven't 
added the code to kalyptus - so we must be careful not to lose that code if 
we regenerate.

-- Richard

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