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Sebastian Sauer mail at dipe.org
Mon Feb 26 23:09:11 UTC 2007

Arno Rehn wrote:
>> [   cut   ]
> Ok, I found out why QDBusAbstractAdaptor doesn't work with the current way
> of implementation. It seems like a call to 'staticMetaObject' via Smoke
> doesn't return the same meta object as we would get when calling
> QDBusAbstractAdaptor::staticMetaObject - I don't know what's going wrong
> there, but the returned object is definitely an other one. 

QtDBus dynamicly builds it's metaobjects :) The static one has only some 
functionality to e.g. relay/redirect signals, etc. while the instance 
metaObject() contains additional signals/slots build from the content of the 
XML iirc.

> I don't know why this problem exists or why it is important 'which' meta
> object is set as a parent, because the signals/slots/classinfos/whatever
> are the same since it is a native Qt class and not a custom one created in
> C#.

But a custom one created in C++ and iirc - it's a while I looked last time at 
the code - the metaobjects are passed around as "messages" and that's why 
it's needed to have access to there parents.

p.s. sorry if that isn't news for you and I just did understood the question 
wrong. Well, at least I am able to show that way that I monitor this list 
cause I really like the work you both did and do with Qyoto. So, thanks! :)

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