[Kde-bindings] Jambi

Ashley Winters jahqueel at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 29 04:33:41 UTC 2006

Sadly, it doesn't seem like the Trolls were able to come up with a
better way to implement virtual function overrides than I did. They
just derive from every class like Smoke does [1]. :(

There's nothing too special about their signal/slot interface, either.
It'll be interesting to see what their XML file format actually does
for them, and how they manipulate their copy of the full Qt API.

Their "technique" seems worth adopting for KDE, once open-sourced, as
long as it's not actually written *IN* Java!

1. see page 14 of the whitepaper @

Anyone else going to keep an eye on the Jambi mailing-list?

- Ashley Winters

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