[Kde-bindings] Updating the KDE PyQt to use QScintilla ruby syntax highlighting

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Tue Jun 7 16:10:22 UTC 2005

Hi Richard,

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 13:31, Richard Dale wrote:
> However, the problem is that the version of PyQt in the KDE svn is 3.13, and 
> it doesn't have a SIP file for the ruby synax highlighting. I tried to copy 
> the SIP files from the pyqt 3.14.1 qtext module to the svn version, but I 
> couldn't get it to build.

What went wrong with the build?

I believe the Ruby debugger is also supported in Erci3 now...

> Does anyone know if it is possible to do this? It  
> would be very useful for people to be able to use Eric3/Ruby with the 
> standard version of PyKDE that comes in kdebindings.

I've kind of got a policy of updating the copy of the python bindings from 
upstream, just before KDE releases. So that stuff should appear in 
kdebindings for 3.5. Speaking of which, has anyone seen a release schedule 
for 3.5?

Your other options Richard, are to build SIP/PyQt/PyKDE or find packages. (If 
3.5 is imminent then I could just update the copy...)


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