[Kde-bindings] Kalyptus - node types

Thomas Moenicke pear at ippfp.org
Thu Dec 8 20:39:03 UTC 2005


Richard Dale wrote:
> For QtRuby there is an inspect method used for debugging, and I obtained
> all the properties inside that. They don't need to be part of the Smoke
> runtime though. I've attached the code from Qt4 QtRuby, it should be
> possible to adapt it if you remove the ruby specific bits.

Hmm. Sounds good. I looked into and I believe I can modify it for php. Maybe I 
can overwrite print_r with that for every Qt object. The interest is that 
this solution even works with the default values after ctor is called.


Thomas Moenicke

thomas.moenicke at informatik.tu-cottbus.de



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