[Kde-bindings] RubberDoc 0.000001

Alexander Kellett lypanov at kde.org
Mon Jan 19 11:43:21 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 11:14:30AM +0000, Richard Dale wrote:
> Ah, sorry - I see what it means now. I'm keen to do a kde doc comment to rdoc 
> conversion similar to what I did for the java bindings javadoc comments. I 
> think that would be really useful in conjunction with RubberDoc.

yup, that would rock. what sort of time scale do you see for 
your work on this?, i'd really like to get this done for 3.2.1,
so, maybe i could work on it?

> Yes, a documentation browser is a really important part of the rad 
> environment, not just a demo thing really. With over 950 classes there is so 
> much stuff that you really need a tool more powerful than rbqtapi.

my other todo list item is a good gui designer, and thusly 
the last missing bit of a rad environment, but the likelyhood
of me ever getting around to writing this is minimal :)

> If you check everything in when it's 100% finished, you lose all the cvs 
> history which is often useful.

feel free to track my arch (http://www.gnuarch.org/) repo then ;-)
(the file in question is miscprogs/qtruby/RubberDoc.rb)

also, when commiting i use the arch changelog as the cvs log, 
so its easy to see exactly what was changed for any given file.

> There's a blog here about the Quanta guy getting into a mess with cvs 
> branches. It's not just us, they are indeed an error prone nightmare (imo) 
> that should be avoided unless essential:
> http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/view/316

yeah. that really sucked, so much time wasted :(
but alas, due to kde's politics i'm unable to ignore 
the need for branches. luckily keeping my stuff in
a local arch repo means that i'll keep incremental
change logging and thusly i'll not need to branch
kde cvs ever again.


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