[Kde-bindings] RubberDoc 0.000001

Alexander Kellett lypanov at kde.org
Mon Jan 19 10:46:12 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 09:43:09AM +0000, Richard Dale wrote:
> Yes, all ok now, apart from the yellow highlights a bit wonky. Is that RDOC 
> rendered as html?

"a bit wonky"?
thats the working incremental highlighting search :)
its just html, the idea is that i should be able
to use the same browser for the khtml api docs, the
qt docs, and the ruby references :)

> Oh well, I'd quite like to try the examples, add fixes etc, which isn't so 
> easy when things are all over the place. Surely we can start working normally 
> in the kdebindings HEAD again shortly?

cvs was down last night which prevented me from working. 
thats basically for me the last straw. this RubberDoc thing
doesn't really fit under the kdebindings branch anyways as
its a useful application on its own. otoh, i suppose i could
just keep it in sync with my local arch repo.

> The main thing is you managed to get it into the HEAD before the release, so 
> the source will be in KDE 3.2 even if not built by default. So we have a 
> bridgehead for the 3.2.1 release, when we can update the sources and add all 
> the examples. Otherwise, I think we would have had to have waited 6 months or 
> so for 3.3, and we might as well have put the whole thing on rubyforge.

yeah. i'm still thinking thats not a bad idea as i'm
not sure what the head kde honchos are going to say
about devel like commits to the branch.

fyi, i will enable korundum/qtruby compilation for 3.2.1
blarf (alex zepeda) did some much needed srcdir!=builddir
fixes, so hopefully for 3.2.1 no one will have any build
problems whatsoever.


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