The Handshake Foundation donates 79,000 € to KDE

Paul Brown paul.brown at
Tue Jan 21 16:54:37 GMT 2020


KDE is excited to announce that KDE e.V. has received a donation of 880,000 
HNS coins  (roughly 79,000 euros) from the Handshake Foundation (https:// 

This is the not the first time Handshake has made a substantial donation to the 
KDE Community. Back in 2018 Handshake donated approximately 300,000 euros to 
KDE which was used to finance projects and fund activities.

"The Handshake Naming System is a child of the Open Source Community", says 
Andrew Lee from the Handshake Foundation. "Just like Handshake, KDE has 
championed privacy and freedom since the beginning and has paved the way 
forward in creating usable tools made for the masses.

"Personally, I've used KDE software since the early 2000s, and I've seen it 
grow and flourish. I think, many people today would be surprised to hear that 
Apple Safari, for example, was based originally on Konqueror, a web browser 
created by the KDE Community. The Handshake Naming System is proud to be able 
to make a donation to the KDE team. It is our way of showing appreciation for 
KDE, as much of the development in the Open Source world would not have been 
possible without it."

KDE would like to thank the Handshake Foundation for their continued 
generosity and the support they offer to FLOSS communities across the spectrum. 
This contribution will help KDE continue with its commitment to create Free 
Software for everyone, finance events and sponsor community members. 
About KDE:

KDE is a diverse, worldwide technology community that creates the Plasma 
environment for desktop and mobile devices. We also offer a variety of Free and 
Open Source applications for multiple platforms, including GNU/Linux, Windows, 
macOS, and Android. Our software is translated into more than 100 languages, 
and we are constantly working on making it more usable, accessible, and 
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