Multi-format 1D/2D code scanner Kodaskanna 0.1.0

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Jan 24 22:45:03 GMT 2022


Kodaskanna is as of now a utility for reading data from 1D/2D codes (e.g. QR 
codes or bar codes) and making the data available for further processing.

This initial 0.1.0 release supports scanning codes in static images. The image 
input files (can be also non-local ones) can be either passed as argument on 
the command line or manually selected via a file picker, pasted from the 
clipboard or dropped by DnD. The extracted content can then be exported to the 
clipboard or as a file. The version also provides integration via the Dolphin 
context menu for image files and by a KDE Purpose "Export" plugin. The code 
reading itself is powered by the ZXing library.

For a sample screenshot please see

The repository can be reached by

The long-term vision for Kodaskanna is to be an simple utility to integrate in 
workflows where some data processing expects a data blob (or a series of 
those) to be taken from a machine readable source by the user. It should have 
reusable general purpose extensions both for reading all kind of encoded data 
in all kind of sources (e.g. graphical, acoustical) or straight from dedicated 
input devices, as well as for validating and previewing the extracted data for 
the expected data format. The invoking instance should be able to filter/
define what is possible. The utility should be usable both in-process as out-
of-process, and ideally itself be replaceable by other solutions providing the 
same interface.

Download from:


Signed with PGP key (new one, due to old one being outdated now):
    E6EB D6EB 0518 FE5B CCA5 F6A7 6AAC DD26 3C2C EFD4
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