KMarkdownWebView 0.5.6

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Sep 21 21:14:30 BST 2020


KMarkdownWebView 0.5.6 has been released.

The KMarkdownWebView software is for the rendered display of Markdown 
documents, using web technologies. It implements a C++/Qt-based wrapper around 
a local webpage with a JavaScript library ("marked") which creates HTML from 
the plain text in Markdown format passed in.
The current version provides a KParts plugin and, if built against QtWebKit, a 
KIO thumbnail generator plugin.

With QTextDoocument from Qt's QWidgets library having received native Markdown 
parsing support in Qt 5.14, this software is going to be deprecated long-term 
in favor of the new markdownpart software making use of that, once users are 
known to be happy enough with that.
markdownpart has been released today as well, in v0.1.1. See separate email.

The KParts plugins from both software can be installed in parallel, the user 
can choose at runtime what they prefer (another alternative is the Okular 
KParts plugin with Markdown support, which though is different in providing 
fixed paged display due to Okular's architecture instead of a single adaptive 
view, where the latter is preferred usually for the use-cases).

Learn more at

Changes since 0.5.6:
* marked copy updated to v1.1.1
* Translations improved

Download from:


Signed with PGP key:
    0A48 BC96 1075 B4BA 8523 E379 0A34 5FB0 86E7 97D9
    Get from

*) I heard that there are distributions which have packaged Marked. Given that 
since KMarkdownWebView has started Marked has returned to be under good 
development again, instead of shipping & using a copy of marked.min.js it 
would be better to use whatever latest (compatible) release of marked, either 
from a package or by generation during the build. Or even not baking a given 
version into the KMarkdownWebView package/binary, but instead using at runtime 
some global system marked.min.js, coming from a separate package which can be 
updated independently.

Proposals welcome how to do that while integrating with distribution package 
building. Please comment on for 


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