KParts plugin markdownpart 0.1.1 released

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Sep 21 21:14:26 BST 2020


NOTE: Requirements lowered to Qt >= 5.14 (before Qt 5.15-only)

the first translation update release of markdownpart is here.
It is a(nother) Markdown viewer KParts plugin, which allows KParts-using 
software to display files in Markdown format in the rendered target format.
Example users are Ark, Krusader, Kate's preview plugin & Konqueror.
See it being used with Kate's preview plugin here:

The software is mainly a wrapper around the classes QTextDocument and 
QTextBrowser from Qt's QWidgets library. The Markdown support is thus 
completely driven by the abilities of those classes.

markdownpart is an alternative to the KParts plugin from KMarkdownWebView, 
which uses a QWeb* backend, with all the implications of big dependencies, 
runtime costs and potential security risks.

The KParts plugins from both software can be installed in parallel, the user 
can choose at runtime what they prefer (another alternative is the Okular 
KParts plugin with Markdown support, which though is different in providing 
fixed paged display due to Okular's architecture instead of a single adaptive 
view, where the latter is preferred usually for the use-cases).

Learn more at:

Changes since 0.1.0:
* first translations added
* minimum required Qt version lowered to 5.14

Download from:


Signed with PGP key:
    0A48 BC96 1075 B4BA 8523 E379 0A34 5FB0 86E7 97D9
    Get from


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