Elisa 0.2.1 released

Matthieu Gallien gallien.matthieu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 17:28:11 BST 2018

--- Description ---

Elisa is a music player developed by the KDE community that strives to be 
simple and nice to use. We also recognize that we need a flexible product to 
account for the different workflows and use-cases of our users.

We focus on a very good integration with the Plasma desktop of the KDE 
community without compromising the support for other platforms (other Linux 
desktop environments, Windows and Android).

We are creating a reliable product that is a joy to use and respects our users 
privacy. As such, we will prefer to support online services where users are in 
control of their data. 

Elisa v0.2.1 is the first bugfix release of version 0.2. A second one may be 
produced in one month.

Download available at:

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Public key: Fingerprint=267B F70F 7905 C272 3B02  4326 7D0F 74F0 5C22 F553 
(Matthieu Gallien)

--- Links ---

* https://community.kde.org/Elisa
* Release announcement https://mgallienkde.wordpress.com/2018/07/13/0-2-1-release-of-elisa/

Bug tracker:

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