libqaccessibilityclient v0.2.0 release

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at
Tue Jul 25 11:15:48 UTC 2017

Hi all,

we've been doing some housekeeping at Akademy, and libqaccessibilityclient 
came up.

What is it?
Since it's hard to grasp all the bits related to accessibility, I'll try to 
explain what the lib is for.
Most of the stack is part of Qt 5, so nothing to worry about, that's the part 
that lets applications expose their UI over DBus for AT-SPI, so they work 
nicely with assisitve tools (e.g. Orca). In accessibility language, the 
applications act as "servers" and the screen reader for example is a client.

This library is for writing clients, so applications that are assistive, such 
as screen readers. It currently has two users: KMag and Simon.
KMag can use it to follow the focus (e.g. when editing text, it can 
automatically magnify the part of the document where the cursor is.

For Simon Listens, the use is to be able to let the user trigger menus and 
buttons by voice input.

My gpg key, used for signing the tag and tarball:
      pub   rsa4096/96EC0C92 2014-03-16 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = FB25 8618 6106 3C64 C97B  89AE 125C 53EB 96EC 0C92

It was previously released as stable, it should probably rather be unstable, 
even though it doesn't see many changes. It will be used in the forthcoming 
kmag release.

Thanks go to Jonathan for nagging me :-)


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