Release of KXStitch 1.3.0

Steve Allewell steve.allewell at
Mon Nov 16 22:49:09 UTC 2015

Announcing the release of KXStitch version 1.3.0, the KDE cross stitch 


This release is expected to be the final release for KDE4.  A Frameworks 
version is being finalised and will be release as version 2.0.0 shortly.

Source code can be downloaded from 

The changes for this release include:
- Provide a reset button for the import dialog parameters.
- Bug fix for older pattern rendering fault.
- Bug fix for palette selection.
- Updated documentation and correctly credit translators.
- Improve detection of ImageMagick libraries.
- Scaling of import image view to maintain aspect ratio.
- Bug fix to prevent the same symbol being applied to two flosses.
- Display the name of the floss scheme in the palette manager.
- Improvements to printing of pages, page range and order.
- Clear the selection area after fitting a background image to selection.
- Move background images when inserting rows or columns above or to the 
left of them.
- Improvements to the library manager, drag and drop to another library, 
auto expand tree nodes
- Additional language translations



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