eXtended Screenshot 3.0

Dmitrij Stepanenko dmitrijstepanenko at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 12:48:01 UTC 2011

Name: eXtended Screenshot
Version: 3.0
Type: KDE Graphic Tool
License: Other
Homepage: http://xscreenshot.com
More Info:

 eXtended Screenshot is a tool for making,
editing, sharing, and exchanging screenshots
between people via the Internet. It uses the HTTP
protocol. It can capture either the full screen or
only part of the screen. The screenshot can be
edited by cropping it or adding shapes. The color,
width, position, and size of shapes can be
changed. A screenshot can be uploaded to a server.
Prepared links can be shared. A screenshot can
also be saved to a file in the PNG or JPEG
formats. This tool is oriented for QA testers,
programmers, designers, sales managers, support
centers, and other people. It has a minimal design
and focuses on functionality.


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